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In 2013, the farmer-leaders of the Kentucky Soybean Board partnered with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) to provide an online biodiesel education course, free of charge, to diesel technician programs in the state.  Participation is optional, and the course is sometimes an extra credit opportunity. The course gives technicians an overview of the nation’s first advanced biofuel, as well as equipping them to dispel any myths about biodiesel that might remain in the marketplace.

When an institution’s diesel techs complete the course, a representative from the board travels to the school to give a presentation, answer questions, and present framed certificates and informational literature to those who successfully completed the online module. The students who completed the course in the spring 2016 semester brought the number of technicians who have learned about biodiesel to 253. 

The farmer-leaders of the Kentucky Soybean Board believe that investing in the diesel technicians of the future is the best way to get the maximum return on our investment.

Many growers who have off-road diesel tanks on their farms choose soy biodiesel, and the farmer-leaders of the Kentucky Soybean Board encourage their fellow farmers to ask their fuel supplier for this renewable, sustainable advanced biofuel. 

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