Owensboro Community and Technical College built a replica 1969 Cobra to run on E85 as part of OCTC's alternative fuels auto technician training program

How It's Used

E10 - Most all of the gasoline sold in Kentucky contains 10% ethanol to boost octane and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This blend is safe for all gasoline-powered vehicles and small engines.

E15 - Gasoline with 15% ethanol has been approved for use in automobiles manufactured since 2001. NASCAR has been using E15 in all its race vehicles since 2011. 

E85 - This blend contains 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline and is only approved for use in Flex Fuel Vehicles. 

Other ethanol blends are available in some areas, but gasoline with 20% ethanol or more is only approved for use in Flex Fuel Vehicles

Ethanol is used by a many companies and governments in Kentucky looking to source locally-produced fuels and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Ethanol blends and my engine - Renewable Fuels Association

All NASCAR racing vehicles have used E15 at Kentucky Speedway since 2011.
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Mammoth Cave National Park became the first park in the Department of the Interior to develop an on-site fueling station using E85, and is the first national park in the country to be powered by 100% alternative fuel. More than 90% of the vehicles used by Mammoth Cave run on either E10 or E85. 

Who Uses Ethanol in Kentucky?


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