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Livestock Fats and Waste

Mammoth Cave National Park has been using ethanol and biodiesel for years, and is the first national park in the country to be powered by 100% alternative fuel. Learn more

Who Uses Biofuels?

Who Makes Biofuels?

All NASCAR racing vehicles have used E15 at Kentucky Speedway since 2011.
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Grains such as
​corn and wheat

Production & Use

How are Biofuels Used?

Oilseeds like soybeans
​and canola

Kentucky agriculture and food processing supplies biomass for biofuel production

Biofuels are fuels derived from renewable biological materials such as sugars, starches, fibrous and woody plants, algae, seed oils, and animal fats. The most popular types are biofuels that are produced are ethanol and biodiesel.

Biofuels are produced at a number of locations across Kentucky because we have a good supply of farm-grown feedstock and natural resources, as well as markets for fuel use. 

Kentucky retailers, businesses and consumers are interested in utilizing local, renewable fuels that can be made from sources we provide within the commonwealth. Improved technologies on the farm, at fuel production facilities, and in engines are at work to make biofuels more sustainable than ever before. 

Discarded cooking oils

Beverage Waste
​(sugar and alcohol based)


  • Personal motor vehicles

  • Commercial trucks

  • ​Construction and mining equipment

  • Race cars, trucks, and tractors

  • Motorcycles

  • Boats, ferries, and barges

  • Small engines: landscaping and marine

  • Trains

  • ​Airlines & airline support equipment

  • Electricity Plants

  • Generators

  • ​Furnaces and stoves